mandag den 31. oktober 2011

Poo cake and Chill Factor

I celebrated Halloween this year by baking a cake. I was going to do a Halloweeny motive on it, like a pumkin or something. But the cake in itself turned out to be really scary.
It looks like poo!!

But the gods didn't invent chocolate for no reason so I melted some and used it as icing.

There much better now. Despite that it looks quite delicious it wasn't. It was just like normal cake really (there was with the icing included 400kilo grams of chocolate in it). But yeah it was my way of celebrating Halloween since I forgot to buy a movie.(;__;)
By the way. The book in the background... Go read it! It's fantastic!
I bought the book at the library a few weeks ago and just had it lying around collecting dust. Then I finally pulled myself together and started reading it. And it became very difficult to put the book down.
I loved it! It’s simply amazing. It’s so very well written and it has you on edge all the time. The suspense is perfectly leveled throughout the book, from the start to finish. It is also very well divided between a thriller and a romance novel. There is exactly enough of both without them cancelling each other out.
I was very surprised to who the killer turned out to be. There were a lot of hints to one specific character, but also a few hints pointed to one or two others and it came as a big surprise when the person was reviled and the motives behind the murders.
I think my favorite part of the book is the characters and they way their presumably insignificant lives are entwined with the main plot, from Marilee and Scott’s secret affair to William’s sick way of gathering gossip and then use it against people when it will do most damage, to the way Wes’ arrogant, selfish and controlling behavior affects the ones around him.
Another factor that makes the book such a delight to read (and also helped me, since English isn’t my first language) is who all the ends are tied together and made sense of in the end. It leaves the reader with a feeling of really completing the book and not having missed any important details along the way.
All in all a fantastic book and I will recommend it to anyone who is just looking for a book to read when you’re on the train or just sitting with nothing better to do. It’s not a must read, but you won’t regret it if you choose to pick it up.

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