tirsdag den 25. oktober 2011


So I decided to make a short introduction entry (right after I did the one with the circle lenses, herp derp).
To be honest, don’t expect too much of this blog. I will make updates on my cosplays, general things/personal life and book reviews. Yes I know it’s a lame hobby, but I have too much free time lately and I lack the recourses and money to make cosplays on my own. So I talked to a friend about it and we came to a conclusion that something like reading and writing would be a nice pass time for me since I enjoy both.
So far I’ve read two books with the intention of making reviews of them. It was reduced to one since the first book just made me very confused and I didn’t really have anything to say about it.
So I have made a draft for the first review and I just need to make it readable and fix the mistakes I can notice myself.
Please bear in mind that I’m not good at making reviews and even got awful grades for it in school. But hopefully I will get better in time.
So sometime this week I will try and upload the first review.
 ~ All for now ~

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