I have been cosplaying for two years now and with the help of my lovely friends I have been able to make a few costumes of my own. Here are some of them.
George Weasley
George must be one of my all time favorite character. I really adore him and hope to make several other of his outfits some time *v* Quidditch maybe ~
Samie is Umbridge and my sister is Fred.
This one was taken for a friends of ours and I really like it so I'll spam everyone with it.

Jin is also a very dear character to me. I cosplayed him with my sister as Mugen and our friend Lavi as Fuu and a thing that for some reason always amuses me is that we all cosplay the character from the series we identify with the most.

I don't care what people say! The two of them belong together! <3

Bianchi is also very special to me since she was the one I cosplayed when I made most of the friends I have today and was introduced to the wonderful world of cosplay properly for the first time.

Aah I love their relationship.


The first cosplay I made myself (with a lot of help). I'm not super fond of it, but I think it's a nice try for a first selfmade cosplay. Again he is also a character I like a lot. I preformed in this cosplay with my sister and a friend Sasha at a convention. Alot of things went a wrong (I accendently laughed in the mic for example), but I had a blast. We even built a wendingmachine :D

In progress
I am currently working on three cosplays and they will all be debuted in November.
  1. Puss in Boots (human ish version)
  2. Paul Wan (GetBackers) It will be more or less a closet cosplay since I had most of his clothes lying around ^^'
  3. Secret >D