mandag den 16. januar 2012

Pre London

Ok I think the pre-London post will be fairly short as I can’t seem to concentrate properly. I guess I’m just too excited! Oh man! This will just be a trip I’ll remember forever, I just know it! It will be the first time I’ll travel to another country without any parents or adults around and the first time I’ll travel with friends! Also the first time I’ve been to London and I’ve never really heard anyone say they hate London, so that’s quite promising.

So right now I’m in the middle of trying to figure out what I can leave behind since my suitcase just seems so full already, but I can’t really see anything I can spare. I plan on buying most of the clothes there so I barely brought any and I need shoes so they can’t go either… that doesn’t leave much to leave behind really… oh life and it’s oh-so complicated problems!

   ~ All for now   ~

torsdag den 12. januar 2012

Dayly life

My dayly routine lately.
Wake up at around 10 in the morning, crawl out of bed and into the living room to turn on the internet and computer. Check E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Deviantart. Go on youtube find the next episode of Ghost adventures. Let the episode load for a while and listen to music from either Love never dies, Phantom of the opera or Les Misérables. Watch around three episodes. Get dressed, eat if I remember to, brush teeth and so on. Go to work. Spend five hours being ridiculously bored and playing solitary and other boring games. Go home, throw work clothes of (Bruse Almighty style) and change to PJ’s. Watch around three episodes of Ghost Adventures and listen to music from Love never dies, Phantom of the opera or Les Misérables. Go to bed.
Only tomorrow I have to double up on shifts. From one in the afternoon to half past five I have to be in Gamestop and then I have to run to the hotel and be there until ten in the evening. OTL
No Ghost adventures for me!

torsdag den 5. januar 2012

New Years... belated

A new year has started and I am a little late to address the topic about New Year resolutions and such, but here they are! Because everyone was anticipating them!!!! Desu.

So yeah basically my resolutions are to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Not to dramatically change my whole way of living, but small changes like not buying so much candy all the time. And I do… or did. My stomach is like a wormhole when it comes to candy and sweets. So yeah cut down on the candy usage and also to get some exercise. My asthma and knee prevent me from running, but I’ll start by actually doing the exercises I’m supposed to do to strengthen my knee and go for long walks and doing other exercises that don’t require me to run and to put too much weight on my knee. (So interesting I know!!)

And then my serious business resolution. I want to live more. There. So serious!!!

But really. I have experienced a lot of great things, but I always hesitate too much and always take the safe and sometimes boring path, instead of the exciting one. Not that I’m going to go nuts and not take any precautions, but just maybe differ from the safe path every once in a while.

I already started actually. Today I ordered and paid for three theater tickets for Les Misérables in London. It was a bit of a risky purchase because; first of all because I don’t have that much money and the tickets are exactly cheap and second  of all is that Ramin Karimloo who plays Jean Valjean miiiight not be there, but as far as I was able to read the ridiculously difficult message on their website he will be there.

Yes I’m a shallow person who goes in to see a world famous, wonderful, beautiful play because of one actor!!!

But yes that was my little story about how I’m starting to live a little more.

Also I will try and speak my mind a little more, I have made this resolution every year for several years, but I never seem to keep it. But I’ll try this time again. I’m more aware of how much damage it does to my mood and how I feel about myself, so hopefully that resolution will be kept.

And finally. I am so happy to have gotten to know some people more and made new friends this year. It has been amazing!! I don’t know what I would do without them! I’m so happy to have them as a part of my life and that they allow me to be a part of theirs! Every day I spend with them is a joy and I only wish it was more often!  Hopefully I will see them even more this year and make new wonderful memories <3

Anyway that is all for now and I’ll write another one soon.  One pre-London trip and one long as fuck (hopefully) post-London trip. Man I’m looking so much forward to that trip!

   ~   All for now   ~