torsdag den 17. november 2011

J-popcon and work

I already did a Deviantart journal about J-popcon so I’ll keep this very short.
It was wonderful to see everyone again and to learn to know some people a little better.

Now that I’m home again and December and Christmas are closing in, I have a lot more work. And I already have more work due my promotion and I didn’t really think that would happen until late December, but it already started today actually. And there is so much to keep track of all the time! I’m still learning at Gamestop and now I need to learn and remember more and new things at the hotel as well!
But I don’t really mind, it is a bit stressful, but I get more hours and more responsibility so I feel like a proper adult! :D
It’s a wonderful feeling. I’m even having double shifts some days :D I’m probably gonna bitch about it later, but now the feeling of finally have a lot of work is wonderful!
   ~  All for now   ~

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