tirsdag den 29. november 2011

More cupcakes!

With nutella! It’s the secret ingredient so sshhh!!

So yeah since I have nothing to do (besides do laundry, clean the living room, clean my room, hoover the floor, wash the floor, work and play playstaion) I made more cupcakes today since the others were a bit of a failure.  This time I made vanilla cupcakes.

And made a butter based chocolate frosting. The frosting was a lot better to work with this time and I had fun trying to shape the frosting, but the tip of the thingy magjier you use to squeeze frosting out of was so small so I ended up only being able to do two patters with it and then a third just using a spoon and added some ... white powdery sugar to make them look snowy 8D

And since Christmas is coming up I thought I might try and be a little creative with the picture.

All that happened randomly. I took a piece of leftover fabric curled it up, added the Christmas tree, the lanterns and the cakes. But I think it looks quite good :)

I also had them tested on a professional to see what she said.

She was pleased!

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