mandag den 12. marts 2012

Frustrade rant

Amazing weekend was amazing! Had so much fun, ate so much and gained weight... and lost it again after a day (or so it feels like)

Speaking of losing weight (yes I will talk about bad stuff instead of the awesome weekend) A few weeks ago I suddenly got really dizzy at work and almost fainted. I felt ill and was shaking a bit, so I drank a lot of water and it got a little better. After the random incident, I started getting dizzy all the time, and thus I went to the doctor. There I found out that my metabolism is very high. It finally explained all my symptoms. I lost around 5 kilos in weigh without exercise or dieting, I shake a lot and get dizzy because my body just burns everything I eat instantly and I can’t really sleep because my heart beats really fast (it disturbs me when I try to sleep.) I also have a very low level of Vitamin D as well.

And now I eat pills every morning and I’ve come to terms with it (Never eaten pills before except allergy pills) and it’s not so bad if I get dizzy at home or when grocery shopping. I just sit down or go home.  B U T for some reason it always gets really bad whenever I’m in Gamestop! The last two times I’ve only managed to be there for an hour and then call my sister to come and take my shift. It’s really frustrating to not be able to be there AND have to call my sister on her days of! It really upsets me!


I guess there isn’t much I can do about it except eat food with a lot of fibres and bring something with me to eat at work.
.... Ranting and bringing my own solution to it... If anyone as any ideas to help it get better then please let me know! <3

On a bit happier news, I’m getting a camera! Either EOS 550D or EOS 500D *v*

   ~ All for now  ~

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